I’m not feeling particularly caring at the moment.

After reading an article in the newspaper about Women’s College Hospital laying off 4 staff R.N.’s in their busy outpatient clinic, my caring meter has dipped to annoyed!

No, they are not in acute or critical care areas and no, they are not in a typical hospital bedside role. BUT they are providing a service to their patients, communities and other staff that is invaluable.
Why is this happening??
The bottom line is money. I don’t believe the spins they put on their reasons for these redundancies anymore.
Hospital businesses are treating their staff like any large company trying to balance their books. It doesn’t matter if you’ve had many years of service or that you provide extraordinary care. You are expendable and replaceable.
It leaves a bad taste in R.N’s mouths everywhere and fear in our minds.

The fear of not having a job at the blink of an eye.

I recently posted a picture on my FB page of a Resus Room trauma in progress. There were 7 nurses in the room with 5 at the bedside. While this is an extreme view of R.N. roles,  it cements the need to retain staff, not extinguish careers.


They most certainly help to balance the books of the business, but leave a gaping hole in the real reason for it.

Caring for others.